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Please find attach a 2023 calendar for King Tides & High/Low than normal tides.  Please remember that wind direction and other weather events will either increase or reduce the impact of these king tides & high/low tide events.  

Please prepare for these events so any impact is reduced. These events have always been here; however, with sea level rise and/or increased rainfall you are possibly experiencing the impact of flooding along your street.  

We have seen about a 6 inch increase in the normal tide height during the past 20 years. Some predictions have the sea level rise around 12 inches during the next 30 years. 

The Town of Topsail Beach is developing options that will reduce some of the street or nuisance flooding; but it will also require actions by all property owners. We have gained in the number of homes we have in Topsail Beach during the past 20 years which has reduced land to absorb rainfall.  There is no one solution that will totally eliminate this problem; as we experience the rising sea level & increased rainfall affects on our Town.

The Town has secured a $1,060,000 grant to assist with work for Water, Waste Water & Storm Water.  Working together and understanding that conditions have changed over the past twenty years will benefit everyone as we work to reduce the impact of climate change. 

Please remember that major weather events are lasting longer, with higher wind speeds and with higher precipitation is being seen; as we deal with our changing climate environment.